The TKS audit platform is the most advanced and flexible audit software solution for the European and international market. No matter what part of your network or what processes you review: Financed Stock, Quality and Standards, Sales Incentives, warranties, etc…, our software is fully integrated to the needs of our clients. This is confirmed by the trust of our clients across Europe. We currently work in 16 countries in Europe for FCA Bank.

1. 100% Customizable and flexible to customer requirements.

The audit platform and the TKS app to carry out audits in a completely customizable way to the needs of our clients. Allowing you to fully adapt it to your rules and control policies, alerts, reports, and integrate it with your company’s systems.

2. Digitization

Digitization enables our clients to be efficient, fast and cost-effective. With the TKS application, all points of sale can be audited by an internal or external auditor and even a representative of Dealer himself can perform guided self-tests and transmit corresponding data via smartphone, in the same data set that is also accessed by our clients, where they can be reviewed and monitored in one central location. The scaling process initiated by the respective data can be freely configured within the TKS audit platform. The data processing is, of course, fraud proof.

3. International professional network

TKS always works with carefully selected staff from the respective country across Europe and internationally, who can optimally adapt to requirements with their local knowledge and in their native language. All participants receive training according to the main philosophy of TKS: audit comes from the Latin word «audire» and means «listen». Our audits are characterized by a consulting approach: we not only look for errors, we look for ways to avoid them and we simplify existing processes so that all participants save time and money.This personal approach also applies to data analysis by our back-office during remote audits: personal contact and commitment from experienced employees remain at the center of the digital environment.

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